A big week for my new Elvis book, ‘Treat Me Nice’

This has been a big week for the Elvis book ‘Treat Me Nice’. Odd, how quickly it moves from the pleasant arrival of a pristine book to the torture of practical details. But it is now available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Treat-Me-Nice-Frankenstein-Creature/dp/1907540474/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1315397047&sr=8-3) and in the local bookshop with the prospect of it being stocked by a national chain. It will also be given to a critic who writes reviews for the national papers and even to a movie star who is a big Elvis fan. Treat Me Nice has also been publicised on the 2 big Elvis News sites, Elvis News and Elvis Information Network. Both editors are also curious about the book which is pleasing so I have sent them review copies. Proudest moment for me was the local bookshop, Pritchards in Crosby, putting the book in their display window. This was done in such a casual way by the always friendly Rich, as if it was the obvious place to put a book down, that it left me surprised. After profuse thanks and still startled I left the shop without looking back at the window. But if the progress from a remote copy to a marketable item implies a well thought out strategy it is an illusion. Ideas appear randomly in conversations and I respond. The best ideas belong to other people.

Having your book arrive a book is a bit like having a birthday because
you get a lot more attention than normal and, in the same way you buy
people a drink, you have to give the people you know a free copy. But, like birthdays, it is good and I have been surprised and humbled by how others are willing to push the book on my behalf. As I become insecure about the book others become energetic and committed. Their efforts have been generous and are appreciated. I just hope they like the book. Are there still issues to resolve? Certainly, but if somebody had said a week ago I would be seeing my book on display and be talking about big time critics and movie stars I would not have believed them.

It has been a big week. Oh, and I got a new bike as well.



  1. I’m genuinely intrigued by this concept. I suspect many fans do not regard Elvis as cursed, and yet his life plainly had many tragedies – not least of which the exploitation of his talent by the unscrupulous. This strikes me particularly about the films and the time in Vegas. A persona is created which is then used as a vehicle to make money – until the persona is utterly destroyed. A destruction which is eventually total and all consuming and takes the real Elvis down with it – to the extent that it is generally only the persona that is now remembered, even by the geniune fans. The parallels to the story of Frankenstein and the monster seem clear, with the monster’s confusion about and challenge of his creator – something Elvis never managed in life, but that many of his fans have perhaps dreamed off since his death.

    I genuinely think this book could be a ground breaking relevatory moment for fans.

  2. I tried to order the book on Amazon but they can’t ship to Belgium only to UK.
    Is there a solution to this problem?

  3. ‘I bought a copy of ‘Treat Me Nice’ on Wednesday and I have been unable to read it. People keep borrowing it off my desk. As soon as I get it back I’m sneaking it home’

  4. Irene

    I will be looking at the problem of overseas customers and there will be a blog this week to let people know what I am doing to address the issue.


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