The Good Things in Life

These are some of the good things that were said about the first edition of Treat Me Nice.   The first edition is sold out but the second edition will be released very early in 2012.

The experts

‘Highly enjoyable and a stimulating read.’  Paul Simpson, author ‘The Rough Guide To Elvis’.

‘A formidable treatise.  This book deserves to be noticed.  Cogently written and totally absorbing and recommended reading.’  Nigel Patterson, Elvis Information Network.

‘Students should find room for Treat Me Nice. If only to understand what makes an academic study stand out from the crowd.’   Chris High. The Writers News.

‘Howard Jackson can write.  The reader is in safe hands.’  Clive Bradley, TV and film scriptwriter.

Amazon readers

‘If you read one Elvis book, make this the one.  An essential read for Elvis fans.’   Soul Sister 69

‘This is my Elvis bible, my ultimate reference book.  Howard Jackson gets inside Elvis’ head, explains why Elvis is so talented and important, but also why many people cannot see it.  Make sure you also visit the highly original and provocative blog.’   You’ll Never Walk Alone

‘If you’re serious about Elvis then this is a must read.’  Alfaman

‘Very well written and thoroughly researched.’   Mike F Belfast

‘A thoughtful dissection of the King.’  Queen Creole.

‘The Frankenstein metaphor works surprsingly well.’  4Harrisons.

‘Love the review of Long Black Limousine and how it is combined with It Hurts Me.’ Bob 78s.

‘A worthwhile book that is probably essential.’  How Great Thou Art.

‘A pleasure to read, lots of little gems of knowledge and very original.’   Bossa Nova

‘What I like about the book is that it is not just for Elvis fans.  The comparison between Elvis and the monster is a fascinating read.’  Even better than the real thing.

Other readers

 ‘Treat Me Nice is very, very clever.’  City Fan, Stockport.

‘Unputdownable.  Immediately after reading it I downloaded every Elvis gospel track I could find.’  Wirral baptist.

‘I have read the book twice and I am not even a big Elvis fan.   Second time is better again.’   Duggie Greenall.

‘I was awed by the information contained within the book.  Made me realise why Elvis is so important to his fans.’  Exiled inGreece.

‘I read a lot of this book aloud to my boyfriend and parts of it made us laugh out loud.  There is a lot of sly humour in the book which you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a book about music.’   Unity Banana.



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