Elvis book, ‘Treat Me Nice’, Kindle edition out now!

My new Elvis book, ‘Treat Me Nice: Elvis, His Music and the Frankenstein Creature’, is now available for Kindles. You can download it here for £2.21. Front Cover for 'Treat Me Nice'

Don’t have a Kindle? You can download one for your PC, Mac, smartphone or iPad here.


Treat Me Nice – interest from abroad part 2

Q At the moment Treat me Nice is not available outside the UK. It also costs more to purchase on Amazon than it does to purchase in my local bookshop. Is this likely to continue?

A This will be addressed. It will not be possible to sell a first edition hard copy of Treat Me Nice outside the UK. This is to do with contracts that have been signed. When the second edition is published copies will be made available outside the UK. Meanwhile, a Kindle edition of Treat Me Nice will soon be made available. We expect that to be on Amazon in a fortnight at the latest. This will be priced reasonably at £1.99 and will be available worldwide. It will ensure it is available to some people outside the UK.

Q But what about hard copy versions? I like my hard copy especially the lists which I like to flick back and forth so I can look for my favourite songs and recordings.

A Well, that can still be done on Kindle. But I am also a book man myself which is why hard copies of the book will be available outside the UK when we move to a second edition. The date for a second edition is difficult to determine because it is virtually impossible to plot sales and so far sales have been based on little or no publicity. The publicity will increase in the next few weeks. The second edition will have a wider distribution.

Q The book is priced at £9.99 in my bookshops but if I buy it on Amazon the price increases because of postage.

A To be fair to Amazon customers we have reduced the price on Amazon. The purchaser still has to pay for postage but the book itself is cheaper than in the bookshop. The price on Amazon will now be £7.99

Q The book Treat Me Nice has raised for me many interesting questions about Elvis. For example, the relationship between heroism and charisma, the contribution of Chips Moman to the Memphis sessions and so on. Do you have any plans to begin a blog where these issues can be explored further and debated?

A Actually we do. This will be done in 2 stages. To begin with, this website will have a weekly Elvis blog. Rather than simply picking ideas out of the air we have decided to do something different. The blog will be called THE ELVIS PRESLEY CHALLENGE. Although it will still allow topics from the book to be explored the blog will invite website visitors to select a topic or a well known person that they either want to be discussed in connection with Elvis or that they think has no connection and cannot be discussed that way. If I cannot make a connection and admit failure I will pay a forfeit to the fan club or charity of choice of the person who suggests the topic. We already have some interesting topics and people to compare with Elvis. These are Cary Grant, Charlie Chaplin, Marxism , Emily Dickinson, Neo-conservative economics, charisma and heroism (as mentioned earlier), The Wire, Tony Soprano and James Cagney. Sometimes we will also use other contributors and eventually THE ELVIS PRESLEY CHALLENGE will become a blog in its own right.

Q What about non-financial forfeits?

A I refuse to wear a white suit and large sunglasses.