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Howard Jackson has written ten books published by Red Rattle Books:

‘Innocent Mosquitoes’ describes the journey around Brazil made by the author but invents an independent narrator called Alfred. The purpose of the journey is to visit Canudos in the back lands of Brazil. Canudos is where in 1896 a millennial community of 30,000 Brazilians was slaughtered by the Republican Army. The narrator imagines meeting famous characters from the history of Brazil and these experiences and other memories explain the roots of Brazil and why the journey is important to Alfred.

‘Treat Me Nice – Elvis and the Creature from Frankenstein’ analyses the circumstances of the career of Elvis Presley. Comparing the career and Elvis to the Creature from Frankenstein the book explains the tragedy of a wasted talent. The book is sympathetic to Elvis and identifies the significant musical achievements but insists a failure to nurture potential, a blind faith in galvanisation and an unwillingness to accept the singularity of Elvis contributed to a tragedy.
‘No Money Honey’ – How a left wing Elvis fan survived 12 months of neo-conservatism’ is different to all the other books about Elvis Presley. It mixes confidently politics, economics, travel, sport and a love of American rock and roll. ‘Jackson is the king of left wing Elvis fandom.  He uses his status to create a satisfying demolition of the Tories.’  Tom Watson MP, author ‘Dial M For Murdoch’
‘Nightmares Ahead’ – No one can drive safely when there are Nightmares Ahead.  30 horror stories intended to harrow the mind and a final bonus story to help the reader recover.  The thought provoking signposts to sensation of these stories cannot be trusted.  Bodies that behave oddly, zombies, vampires, ghosts, serial killers and mystical creatures, all haunt and torment both the guilty and the innocent – anyone that is on the wrong road at the wrong time.

Choke Bay – Spencer Calbeck returns to Choke Bay, the Yorkshire coastal village where his father killed two women and committed suicide. He arrives for the engagement party of Lauren to Ron who works for the Coast Guard Station. Lauren is the girl that Spencer loves. Choke Bay is an almost deserted village, a collection of empty cottages rented by tourists in the summer. Unable to decide his future Spencer has to face the past and his memories. He meets not just those who survived but the others, those who were slain and who, like Spencer, cannot forget the violence of the past.

Horror Pickers – An in-depth look at a wide ranging and far from typical selection of forty horror films from around the world.  Horror films may have blood and gore but readers will discover an alternative and satisfying world full of intelligence and ideas.

Mean And Dark and Nightmares And Lying Rogues are two extra volumes of film criticism but they extend the range of movies to include film noir thrillers and the odd Western. There are also some provocative thoughts on what was a turbulent year in British and American political life.

Light Work is an examination of the Jack the Ripper legend and crimes. Rather than offering a less than convincing suspect the mystery is relished rather than denied. The book is arranged into self-contained topics and should appeal to both newcomers and experts.

No Tall Heels To Tango remembers a 3000 mile journey made by a 70 year old lone traveller around a troubled Argentina. The Englishman meets people who wants to talk about politics and football. Sometimes, though, they remember high heels and the tango and wonder whatever happened.

Go Break Bad is a wide ranging examination of the hit TV series Breaking Bad.  Rather than work through the episodes chronologically Go Break Bad, like Combo and Skinny Pete on the streets in ABQ, searches for the hidden corners.  It lingers in places where it is not expected.

Offended Shadows is a different kind of film book.  It not only remembers 40 crime movies but adds imaginary scenarios and creates an alternative fiction to the celluloid memories.

Long After This examines the individual albums of Elvis Presley that were released in his lifetime.   Long After This not only uses the albums to mark the events in the life of the singer but also the author.  Long After This then relates these events to what was happening in the wider world.

Boris Johnson Pfeffels And Piffels is a week by week account of the final days of the government of Boris Johnson.   Recalled are the false promises and self-serving arguments of a government that will be remembered by many for its corruption and incompetence.  


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  1. Have seen and read one of the first available copies, it’s very well written, informative and highly original.

    Get a copy now, available from Amazon and selected book stores

    A. Suzanne

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