Howard Jackson was born in Merseyside in 1948. He still lives there and has spent most of his life in Liverpool, although he has also lived in London, Nottingham, Glasgow and Preston for brief periods. He reads, watches movies, listens to music (a lot), supports Liverpool football club and climbs hills in the Lake District and Yorkshire.

Howard has travelled extensively around the American South, seeking out juke joints and honky tonks, visiting recording studios and meeting celebrated musicians. This passion for music led to his first book, Treat Me Nice, available to buy now. Inspired by an interest in Brazilian history, he has also journeyed around Brazil, detailed in his recently published book Innocent Mosquitoes.

Readers of ‘Treat Me Nice’ challenged Howard Jackson to relate any topic to Elvis Presley.  His third book ‘No Money Honey’ entertainingly mixes music and politics.

Nightmares Ahead is the latest book from Howard Jackson.  It is the fourth book by Howard Jackson to be published by Red Rattle Books.

Howard Jackson is published by Red Rattle Books.

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